Table of Contents

A Table of the Contents.

1.       The first Chapter shewing what weapons are chiefly to bee learned, with other principall notes worthy of memory.
2.       The second declareth the difference of sundry mens teaching, with other directions.
3.       Three fearefull examples of murder.
4.       The fourth Chapter sheweth unto whom skill belongeth, also the fruits of drunkennesse.
5.       The cause of quarrels, and with what preparation you ought to be prepared withall to answer a challenge.
6.       This Chapter showeth divers reasons or introductions to bring thee the better into thy weapon.
7.       This Chapter sheweth that feare and fury are both enemies unto true valour.
8.       And this Chapter sheweth how the use of weaposn came, also of the manner of weapons used from time to time, with other good instructions.
9.       This Chapter sheweth what an excellent thing skill is, with a perswasion to all men to forbeare the breeding or the maintaining of idle quarrels.
10.   This tenth Chapter sheweth the trickes of a coward.
11.   This eleventh Chapter is of questions and answers betwixt the master and the scholler.
12.   The twelveth Chapter sheweth seaven principall rules, whereon true defence is grounded.
Now next followeth the skill of weapons, and first the true gard of rapier and dagger for the defence either of blow or thrust.
Many other gards following with a description thereof at the rapier and dagger.
The rules and gards for the single rapier.
The gard at backe-sword.
Severall gards at the staffe or pike.
Questions and answers betwixt the master and scholler concerning the staffe.
A sure gard and very easily to be learned at the sword and dagger.
Certaine reasons why thou maist not strike in fight with no weapon.
A briefe of fower principall points for thy continuall memory.
The authors opinion concering the short sword and dagger.
A gard for the short sword and dagger to encounter against a rapier and dagger.
Questions and answers betwixt the master and scholler concerning the government of the tongue.
The authors opinion concerning the ods that a tall man of stature hath against a little or a meane man of stature, and the ods that a strong man hath of a weake man.
Certaine observations for a scholler or any others.
The several kind of weapons which are to be plaid with.
The authors farewell to Plimoth.
The authors conclusion.