Sample Combat 2




Agent assumes a True Guard position outside of measure Patient assumes a True Guard position outside of measure
Agent steps into measure, beginning a lunge with a Right Stock to the Patient’s right thigh.  
  Patient drops their dagger to keep the Agent’s rapier trapped below waist height.  Patient’s rapier begins to move towards a slope stock to the Agent’s right chest, over the Agent’s lowered rapier arm.
Agent disengages under the Patient’s dagger (without allowing it to touch), raises their rapier hand, and begins an Imbrokata to the Patient’s dagger shoulder.  
  Patient converts their Slope Stock into a sweeping rapier parry clearing the Agent’s thrust outside of their left side.
Agent decides their position is untenable and begins to recover from their lunge.  
  Patient steps forward with their left foot, bringing up their dagger to take control of Agent’s rapier.  This frees up Patient’s rapier for a counterattack.
Agent continues to retreat, trying to free their rapier.  
  Patient uses their dagger to control the Agent’s rapier, pushing it down and to the left.  The Patient’s rapier comes forward over the top of their dagger into a slash towards the Agent’s face and, if necessary, a slope stock into the Agent’s left chest.



Agent is struck, either in face or chest.  
  Patient recovers from their lunge into their True Guard and retreats out of measure